Our Legacy

Our history starts with our founder and brewer, Ismael Fernandez, but more than the founder… how the history came to be. As a young boy in the Dominican Republic, his grandfather, Miguel Diaz, a working class gentleman, would brew to celebrate the holidays with his large family and at the age of 6, Ismael (our founder) would love spending time with his grandfather so he was always available to be his grandfather’s helper.
Don Miguel - Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery
Don Miguel, as he was known to everyone, owned a family farm where he grew coconut palms and other fruits to feed his family. Every spring, he would harvest a special fruit that was planted for a special person in his life and that person was Doña Rosa, his wife and the mother of his six children. The special fruit he harvested for his wife was guava because it was her favorite. Don Miguel’s and Doña Rosa’s eldest daughter, Janet, had the gift of a very sensitive palate and had always been praised for it. Janet is our founder’s mother.

Now that you know a short history of our founder, you will see why the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Our founder has never forgotten what his grandfather taught him and his words of wisdom that stated “Always stay true to yourself“. legacy-caribbean-craft-brewery-history For many years, he homebrewed on occasions but Ismael and his youngest brother, Hector, hit a growth wall in 2010 where they wanted to do something that would be meaningful in their lives. After trying many business ideas, it was clear they needed to remember those wise words from Don Miguel about staying true to themselves and with that, a legacy was born.

Ismael’s first recipe turned out to be rather traditional when he decided to use his grandfather’s recipe by using the fruits his grandfather liked and with this, an amber ale known as Diaz Legacy was born. With his first beer, he received many praises at beer competitions so he decided to continue with home brewing. He then brewed a beer to honor the woman that meant so much to his grandfather and created the recipe for a guava ale known today as Doña Rosa. Seeing how this beer was designed with the female palate, it put a smile on his face when he decided to take it to competitions and women offered praises. Not to stop the forward motion of his new journey, he decided the next brew had to be more than a beer. After many trials, he brewed a beer that was delicious yet sophisticated to honor the person with that sensitive palate, his mother. This beer is a blend of beer meets wine, with a Caribbean twist and he called it “Mama”, a blueberry ale.

With all these praises, he and his brother decided they must make this available to more people so that everyone could enjoy the Legacy that he had enjoyed. With a book load of recipes in the kitchen of his humble home, Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery was born in 2012. A simple yet straight forward notion that stayed true to itself and that making it wonderful becomes a Legacy.