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Breweries and Dubs Poker Run 2018

What Is “Breweries and Dubs” Poker Run?

The event actually has little to do with poker, beyond using the hand rankings to score the event. You don’t need to know a great deal about poker to take part, other than what beats what in the scoring – and even that will be done for participants at Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery at the end of the event. Essentially a poker run is an excuse to meet up, travel, and have a good time at the stops (Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks, Ookapow Brewing, Devour Brewing, Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers and Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery) en route. Participants register at to get details of their route and the stops they need to make. Each participant is given a score sheet which will be filled in as they progress along the route. At each designated stop, the participants draw a card at random (or are dealt a card, Depending on brewery staff rules). The card drawn or dealt is recorded on each participant’s score card, and the winner of the event is the participant who makes the best five-card poker hand at the end of the event. There will be some entertainment and food at the “last stop” of the route, along with the awarding of the prizes. Each participant will receive an ( 1 ) event shirt per registration. These Breweries and Dubs Poker Run Rules are to avoid confusion and disappointment, it is important that the poker run has clear ground rules which all participants understand:


* The first thing to stress is that although this is a “run”, there are no prizes for speed – it does not matter who is first to complete the course. It is not a race. For this we have allocated plenty of time to travel. Event will start at Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks in West Palm Beach at 2 pm and check-in at the “Last Stop” Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery at 6 pm in Opa- Locka.

* The winning hand is determined by standard poker five hand rankings. You may replace one card in your hand at the last stop.

* The participants can draw their own cards, or they will be dealt a hand at each brewery by brewery personnel after purchasing one (1) drink (We can not stress enough that if you are driving the vehicle you are not to drink alcoholic beverages. You can give those adult beverages to your teammate at the draw card location)

* If a player draws a card that they already have then the said player has to pick another card. This is a situation which never occurs in “real life” poker, and it will not be allowed to happen on the Breweries and Dubs poker run either. The reason is simple – poker hand rankings are based on the likelihood of each hand occurring. The easiest and fairest solution is to have players re-draw any cards that are duplicates. For example, if you draw the seven of clubs and you already have the seven of clubs on your scorecard, then you must put the card back and re-draw another card.

*Each participant will have a poker score sheet/card, and this will be filled in by the participating brewery personnel at the bar. It is unlikely that any participant in this fun, family friendly event would seek to cheat but in order to ensure there are no disputes about what cards a participant actually drew the score sheet/card will only be filled at the brewery’s bar by a brewery personnel. It is the participant’s responsibility to check their score sheet before leaving each checkpoint, to ensure that the card they drew is correctly recorded on their score sheet.

*Have fun and stay safe… Cheers!

Please specify your preferred shirt size upon check-out. Shirts will be distributed at the 2pm check-in at Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks

Upon checkout and payment confirmation for your registration you will receive an email with a link to download the official Poker Run Score Sheet that you MUST present at the 5 breweries to keep track of the cards you drew to participate in the event prizes and claim your T-shirt. Download the PDF document and print it out. Write your team name on the score sheet and Check-In at the first brewery Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks in West Palm Beach at 2pm on April 28th to commence the poker run. If you have trouble downloading and printing your score sheet please email

Breweries and Dubs Poker Run 2018

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